Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop Is Opening A Full Scale Restaurant On The Upper West Side

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop Is Opening A Full Scale Restaurant On The Upper West Side
If you haven’t already been into one of their many locations around New York City, you’ve at least heard of Bluestone Lane Coffee. This popular Australian cafe chain is just one of our favorite coffee shops around the city. And they’re now expanding to open a full service restaurant on the Upper West Side.

Coffee and brunch lovers, this news is for you. Bluestone Lane, popular for their lattes and avocado toasts, is opening a new location on Amsterdam Avenue. The new restaurant will be offering a full sit-down dinner service and drink menu and is set to be open late. This is in contrast to their current business model where their shops are only open until 6:30 pm.

The aesthetic of Bluestone Lane Coffee is consistent throughout their various locations. Modeled on what is traditionally found in inner city Melbourne, the cafes also add touches of New York City style with their sleek blue and white tiling, sporadic plants and of course the spectacular coffee.

The new location is set to be a breezy, open space consistent with their other locations but a bit more elevated. While the official menu hasn’t been released yet, it’s rumored to be heavy on the health conscious options like salads and bowls and of course, burgers. Here’s to hoping that the menu is heavy on avocado too!


The restaurant is set to open this weekend. You can check out more info on their website.

Address: 417 Amsterdam Avenue

Price: TBD

Hours: TBD

More info: their website.

Featured image: almostfamaus.com.au

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