Enter A Dark Dystopian Dream At The Mind-Bending Immersive Show ‘Blindness’ In NYC

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Enter A Dark Dystopian Dream At The Mind-Bending Immersive Show ‘Blindness’ In NYC

Experience the dark like never before at the critically-acclaimed show Blindness at the Daryl Roth Theatre in Union Square.

This electrifying off-Broadway show utilizes cutting-edge technology combined with immersive lighting and atmospheric design to transport the audience to a near-future shrouded in impermeable darkness.

One of the first performing arts events to reopen in NYC this year (due to its genius socially distanced layout), Blindness has been met with rave reviews since opening in April and will only be in New York through July!

First, you’ll be guided to your seat in a dark, spacious room, along with no more than 40 other pairs, all spaced six feet apart.

Credit to Helen Maybanks

Binaural headphone technology will immerse you in a dystopian tale about a mysterious blindness that befalls one man and eventually evolves into an epidemic. And before you say you don’t want to hear that word ever again, critics have said it’s the “ideal play to guide us out of the darkness of the past year” and “ultimately leads us to a place of catharsis.”

Credit to Helen Maybanks

The industrial theater space is filled with fluorescent lights suspended from the ceiling at different angles, shining in bright primary colors. The lights shift and change in time with the story, and the incredible audio technology brings the characters and narrator to life right beside you.

Credit to Helen Maybanks

For portions of the show, the audience is immersed in complete and utter darkness, a total blackout designed to transport theatergoers to a world changed forever.

The show is based on the novel of the same name by Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago, and comes from Tony Award-winning playwright Simon Stephens.

Blindness will conclude its historic run in NYC on Sunday, July 25, so make sure you get tickets before it’s too late!

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