A Blind-Deaf Charity Hilariously Pranks Distracted New Yorkers

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A Blind-Deaf Charity Hilariously Pranks Distracted New Yorkers

For its 50th anniversary, the Helen Keller National Center took to the streets of NYC to prank the unsuspecting public. The results are hilarious, with an important lesson to be learned too!

Are you guilty of navigating the city with your eyes fixed on your cell phone? Do you shuffle zombie-like down NYC’s sidewalks, likeing, swiping and clicking, oblivious to the world around you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we all do it.

In a 50th anniversary prank, the Helen Keller National Center invites you to imagine a world where our eyes aren’t affixed to a black box; where we would look around, take in our amazing surroundings and smile at our fellow New Yorkers.

In the hilarious new video, the Helen Keller National Center sent Adriana, deaf-blind educator, and Anthony, a comedian, to interact with people on the streets of New York City with a new product called the “EyePhone.”

This fake product is basically just a walking stick with a Cell Phone holder attached to it. New Yorker’s reaction was mixed, but funny all the same. Check it out for your self:

Imagine you didn’t have the chance to soak in the sights and sounds of New York City, if it wasn’t even an option, would you miss it? We bet you would… so maybe, just maybe, let’s look up from our phones once in a while to smile at a stranger.

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