A Blast from the Past: Limited Too is Back

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

A Blast from the Past: Limited Too is Back
Anyone (aka everyone) who spent their middle school days at Limited Too can rev up their inner tween excitement because—drum roll—they’re back! 

This store we all remember and love for its jelly purses, flavored “lip balms”, black chokers, and glittery everything will be making its way around the city as a mobile pop-up shop, stopping at several locations. Starting on August 6 you can find the Limited Too pop-up on Third Avenue between 59th and 60th street; then it will move to Herald Square for August 7 and 8; on August 9 it’ll be in Union Square; and the journey will end in the Flatiron District on August 10.

The store will technically sell “back-to-school” items including things such as clothing, key chains, notebooks, and backpacks but no one will judge you for buying these items as an adult (except for the clothes, maybe).

The shop will be open from noon until 7 pm each day, but you’ll want to get there as early as possible in case things sell out or the line to get in becomes absurd.

Featured image source [Instagram/Limited Too].

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