10 NYC Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Black Friday (& Beyond)

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

10 NYC Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Black Friday (& Beyond)

There has been a concerted effort to support Black-owned businesses this year, with a special push to reclaim Black Friday as “Buy Black Friday.”

Instead of doing holiday shopping at big corporations who will undoubtedly survive the year, consider the impact of patronizing small businesses in your own NYC community, especially the demographic hardest hit by COVID-19 that needs our support now more than ever.

Get’s get shopping!

1. Cafe con Libros

What: Feminist indie bookstore & coffee shop

Where: 724 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY

How to shop: Visit in-person or support their Bookshop page.

2. Paige’s Candle Co.

What: Hand-crafted vegan soy wax candles

Where: Queens, NY

How to shop: Order online or find products in local NYC shops.

3. Golde

What: Superfood health & beauty products

Where: Brooklyn, NY

How to shop: Order online here.

4. Yam

What: Handmade jewelry with an upcycled + vintage appeal

Where: Astoria, NY

How to shop: Order online.

5. Peace & Riot

What: Boutique & home goods store that combines the owners’ (wife & husband’s) eclectic and global tastes, with influence from African and Caribbean heritages.

Where: 401-403 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn

How to shop: Shop in-store, or order online here.

6. Xanthine’s All Natural Products

What: Handmade, all-natural personal care products created by a Forensic Toxicologist

Where: Astoria, Queens

How to shop:Order from the website and/or sign up for the monthly subscription online here.

7. The Raspberry Room

What: Handmade pillow covers, face masks, and other fabric good.

Where: Brooklyn, New York

How to shop: Purchase from their website here.

8. Brooklyn Blooms

What: Bouquets, flower arrangements, and more.

Where: 433 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn

How to shop: Visit the shop in-person, or place an order online.

9. Gooey on the Inside

What: Gigantic gooey, delicious homemade cookies

Where: 163 Chrystie St., Lower Manhattan

How to shop: Delivery, pick-up, or nationwide shipping.

10. Dphotra

What: Artfully designed hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts

Where: Made in Brooklyn, New York

How to shop: Online here.

11. The Lit Bar

What: Bookstore, wine bar & cafe

Where: 131 Alexander Ave, The Bronx (it is the only bookstore in The Bronx)

How To Shop: Visit in person (current hours: Tues-Thurs 12-6 p.m. | Fri & Sat 12-7 p.m. | Sun 12-6 p.m.) or support their Bookshop page online.

featured image source: Instagram / @paigescandleco

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