Big New Japanese Food Hall to Open in Industry City

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Big New Japanese Food Hall to Open in Industry City
Brooklyn’s Industry City is about to open a brand-new, Japanese-themed food hall come Spring 2018.

Japan Village will take up 20,000 square-feet in the Sunset Park building complex on 35th Street. Its focus is solely on being a destination for high-quality Japanese cuisine.

The owners of this space are also owners of the grocery store chain Sunrise Mart, and will feature the speciality store in their new food hall as well. Great news for the area since there are currently only three locations, all of which are in Manhattan.

The gourmet food hall by Tony Yoshida and Takuya Yoshida will also include a noodle shop, a Japanese gastropub (izakaya), a sake store, several food stalls, and a multitude of authentic Japanese foods such as fresh mochi, sweet rice cakes, octopus balls, matcha drinks, baked goods, ramen, and sushi.

Managing partner Takuya Yoshida told Commercial Observer that “the goal is to offer high-quality Japanese foods at affordable prices” where you can “come in and taste new things, then take them home with you to share with your family and friends.”

Once open, Japan Village will be the third cuisine-centric food hall in NYC—after Eataly and French Le District.

Featured image source [Facebook/Industry City]

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