Beyoncè Forces a Brooklyn Brewery to Stop Using her Name

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Beyoncè Forces a Brooklyn Brewery to Stop Using her Name
Lawyers representing Beyoncè have sent a cease and desist order to Brooklyn Based Lineup Brewing to stop selling their beer,”Biëryoncè.” I guess Queen Bey doesn’t like her name taken in vain!

Beyoncè has scores of fans all over the world, including an army of followers right here in New York City. One such member of the BeyHive (the artist’s fans, for those who aren’t in the know) had a sneaky and stylish way to honor the artist… sadly Queen Bey thought otherwise.

Katarina Martinez is the owner Lineup Brewing, a Brooklyn based nano-brewery. As reported by Pitchfork, when Martinez missed one of Beyoncé’s shows, despite having tickets, she came upon the idea of brewing a special beer dedicated to the artist. She told Pitchfork:

“As a Hispanic, female run business, I am very inspired by her so I thought I’d pay homage,”

Martinez brewed a batch of German Pilsner called “Biëryoncè,” and according to the review on untappd.com, it was pretty good. The beer racked up almost 4 out of 5 (3.8) on the review site. Sadly, Lineup Brewing received a cease and desist letter Beyoncè’s lawyers to stop selling the drink.

Martinez continued in the Pitchfork article:

“We’re disappointed she didn’t take it as a compliment, but oh well. It was fun while it lasted!”

If you’re disappointed you aren’t ever going to be able to try a glass of frothy Biëryoncè, fear not. Last Monday Lineup posted that they were changing the name of the Pilsner to “Kätariná.” Named after the owner who is a badass woman herself, being the only solo woman to open her own brewery in the New York City.


Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons | Instagram/lineupbrewing]

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