10 Secrets About NYC’s Statue Of Liberty

Yago Hein Yago Hein

Majestic Statue of Liberty

Since 1886 the Statue of Liberty has been watching over New York. That’s nothing new. But what you might not know about are her funny little secrets. Here are 10 secrets about NYC’s Statue of Liberty:


1. She loves to imitate other famous statutes
The Redeemer Liberty Lady
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2. She likes to go commando
Statue of Liberty Almost Naked
3. She has the best sense of balance
Statue of Liberty Upside Down
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4. Her skirt can get super annoying
Lady Liberty Upside Down
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5. For some strange reason she dresses like Margaret Thatcher for carnival
Funny Margaret Thatcher As The Statue Of Liberty
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6. She loves chillin’ with her buddy, Christ the Redeemer (#friends4ever)
Lady Liberty and Jesus Chilling Together
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7. She picks up her Starbucks coffee at 2 Water Street
Funny Statue Of Liberty With Starbucks Coffee
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8. After a long day of work she always has a cigarette
Smoking Statue Of Liberty Funny Picture
9. Recently, she’s been posing for Vogue Magazine
Almost Naked Statue of Liberty
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10. Sometimes, she accidentally takes the wrong torch
statue of liberty holding the eiffel tower
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Featured cover image: Second Globe