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The Best Party In NYC Is At The Public Library… Wait …What?

Rob Grams Rob Grams

The Best Party In NYC Is At The Public Library… Wait …What?

The New York Public Library maybe not be at the top of your list of party destinations, but thanks to the Library After Hours event series, it soon might be. 

The Library is launching a new event series this month called the Library After Hours, a monthly, themed event that will include  food, drink, entertainment, tours of special collections and behind-the-scenes access to the buildings inner sanctum.

The first event in the series, the theme being “Love in Venice,” will take place on Friday, February 24, from 6:30pm until 9pm. The “after hours” is inspired by the new exhibition, also called “Love in Venice,” that will be unveiled the public on February 10:

the exhibition […] will examine the literary, artistic, musical and cultural aspects of Venice’s seductiveness, including its beautiful courtesans, lavish festivals, lively carnivals and libertine counter-culture. – NYPL

What can you expect from the after hours event? Visitors will be treated to specialty cocktails, Italian snacks, take guided tours of the “Love in Venice” exhibition, mask-making, dance lessons and watch short Venetian films from the library’s archives.

As the event description notes: “Venice was famous for its exquisite fashion and decadent masked balls. Costumes are encouraged!” So is it “Suit up” or “Powdered wigs”? I guess that’s up to you.