10 Of New York City’s Best Dollar Slices

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10 Of New York City’s Best Dollar Slices
Just like any good New Yorker, pizza is a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts. In some poetic circles, one might say that the Big Apple synonymous with things like diversity, freedom, access to anything you could imagine at virtually any time. But, we’re daring to take the metaphor to the next level. For us, the Big Apple is: PIZZA.
Amazing, greasy slices exist all across the five boroughs so to help you discover some of the best, we’ve put together a list of our top 10.

10. Grimaldi’s

best New York pizza

It’s gotten less love since it was sold by the original Grimaldi family, but the pizza is still famous and delicious.

9. Lombardi’s

best New York pizza

Lombardi’s was America’s first pizzeria, established back in 1905. Over a hundred years later, they’ve still got it, serving up top notch pies every day.

8. Emily

best New York pizza

These delicious thin-crust pies are cooked in a wood fire oven. You can taste the love that goes into them.

7. Speedy Romeo

best New York pizza

Speedy Romeo serves up New York pizza as well as mid-western style pies. And it executes both impeccably.

6. Lucali

best New York pizza

This restaurant usually has a massive wait because it’s so popular and it doesn’t take reservations. Pick up a slice at $1 slice night, and you won’t have to wait nearly as long.

5. Joe’s

best New York pizza

This is the place for pizza by the slice in NYC. Maybe you’ve had it before, so you want to try something different tomorrow. But seriously, you can’t go wrong with Joe’s.

4. Best Pizza

best New York pizza
[Best Pizza]
It’s a pretty gutsy move to name your pizza place “Best Pizza.” But this slice shop knows what they’re doing. They’re credited with having the best white pizza slice in New York.

3. Di Fara

best New York pizza
[Di Fara/Facebook]
You’ll definitely want to capitalize on the chance to get a Di Fara’s slice for only $1, because they normally run for $5. Be careful, though. You might get hooked and go back and pay full price later.

2. Motorino

best New York pizza
[Violet Faversham/Flickr]
Motorino has been Williamsburg’s reigning Neapolitan pizza king since 2008. They serve up a variety of pies, but the consistent soft crust is what they’re really known for.

1. Roberta’s

[BK Magazine]
Everyone knows it’s the best, so you might want to arrive early if you plan on sampling this one. A $1 slice from Roberta’s is tough to say no to.

Cover photo credit: Jason Lam/Flickr

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