The Best of the Best When it Comes to New York’s Cheesecakes

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The Best of the Best When it Comes to New York’s Cheesecakes

The cheesecakes you’ll find to be the best in the city will primarily be determined on whether you like dense or light cakes, cream cheese based or ricotta based. One is considered New York style, dense with cream cheese, and the other is Italian, light with ricotta.

Regardless of style preference, it’s indisputable that New Yorkers make the best cheesecakes around. Hands down. Case closed. That said, these are the cream of the crop, must-try cheesecakes from around NYC.

Oh, and to save you from flocks of tourists we kept Junior’s off this list (but New Yorkers already knows their cheesecakes are the ish). 

Two Little Red Hens

When you walk into Two Little Red Hens on the UES you’ll see on display the luscious slices of cheesecake cut into fluffy triangles. Once you have the slice in front of you you see that the top is brown, but this gives every bite the perfect balance between a rich creamy center, a thin graham cracker crust for crunch, and a subtle firmness in texture on top. It’s terrific.

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake is exactly that—special. The cheesecake here was quickly rated among the best in the city after opening in 1975. Since then they’ve continued serving up the most delicious, light, and decadent cheesecakes. Don’t believe us? Try one for yourself.

Breads Bakery

Breads Bakery reinvents the cheesecake with it’s own style. You might be surprised to see this one on our list since they’re most known for their phenomenal breads, but the cheesecake is up to par with the bread. It has a spongecake texture with a tangy lemon flavor that sets it apart from the rest.

S & S Cheesecake
Source: Yelp/Uma G.
Source: Yelp/Uma G.

New Yorkers’ long standing go-to cheesecake factory is the one and only S & S Cheesecake in the Bronx. They offer a range of traditional, dense cheesecakes including New York style, chocolate mousse, strawberry, pineapple, cherry, and carrot. Each one is exceptional.

Mah Ze Dahr Bakery

OMG, Becky, look at that crust. Likely THE best cheesecake in the city, the title comes with a price. For $50 dollars you can order an entire pie of this decadent cheesecake, but wow is every penny worth it. The chocolate crust is EVERYTHING.

Petee’s Pie Company

The image description says it all. Petee’s Pie Company cheesecake is fluffy, flavorful, and made with the real thing—not vanilla extract, but the vanilla bean itself!

Lady M

The “Gateau Fromage” from Lady M described as “cotton soft and heavenly” lives up to its description. Every delicious bite of this creamy cheesecake will make you do a little happy dance.

Featured image source [Facebook/Breads Bakery]

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