Best New Way to Meet Singles in NYC

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Best New Way to Meet Singles in NYC
A popular invite-only dating club in London made its way across the pond to New York earlier this year—and it’s changing the dating game for singles.

Dating in the city is incredibly difficult. Between the creepy (or drunk) people you find at bars and the not-so-reliable dating app matches, it can be a challenge to find other singles you truly connect with.

Social Concierge brings together likeminded young professionals—in their 20s and 30s—to meet and mingle with other singles face-to-face at private events. Many eligibles have already joined this exclusive dating club, giving up on the unpredictable bar scene and dreadful apps—and we totally get it.

Joining the Social Concierge network gives you access to invite-only parties, drinks on the night and monthly member perks.

To become a member you first have to register here and be accepted by the Social Concierge team. Use the code “FEVER” when you apply, and once accepted the cost of membership is only $25. This price also gets you a complimentary drink at each party.

Considering how much you’d probably spend on a terrible first date through any other method, these in-person events are well worth the membership. If accepted, the next event you can participate attend is Rooftop Romance on Wednesday, August 23, which will take place at the luxurious Lovage Rooftop.

Future events also include a private party at Hotel Chantelle on September 6th, and VNYL on September 19th.

Don’t waste your time on stuffy dead-end dates, meet interesting singles in a relaxed and fun environment by joining Social Concierge. #MeetTheEligibles