9 Of The Best Bakeries For Chinese Pastries In New York City

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

9 Of The Best Bakeries For Chinese Pastries In New York City

The options for finding delicious Chinese pastries in NYC are practically endless.

Nonetheless, we’ve tried to narrow it down here. From mooncakes to roll cakes to those darn delicious buns, there’s a bit of everything. Check out this list of 9 of the best Chinese bakeries in New York City.

1. Lung Moon, Mooncakes

photo: @robboe via Instagram
photo: @robboe via Instagram

Mooncakes are a traditional pastry typically eaten around the Mid Autumnal Festival in September or October. However, Lung Moon specializes in making them all year round. These dense treats are made with a lotus paste, filled with egg yolk or custard and are beautifully decorated.

Address: 83 Mulberry Street

2. Simply Bakery, Turtle Cakes

photo: @yumscore via Instagram
photo: @yumscore via Instagram

Simply Bakery has a bit of everything from custard pies to roll cakes (a personal favorite) to these little turtle buns pictured above. The bakery is small, cute and is cash only.

Address: 70 Bayard Street

3. The Golden Steamer, Steamed Buns

photo: @aubrie.ward via Instagram
photo: @aubrie.ward via Instagram

Don’t be put off by the rather dingy looking facade, this place is magic. The Golden Steamer is best known for their huge selection of buns. We’re talking pork buns, buns filled with red bean paste, pumpkin steamed buns, Chinese sausage buns, chicken buns, lotus seed buns, buns with custard, a Salted Egg Yolk Bun! BUNS. They range in price from about .50 cents to $1, so get ready to have your mind blown. This place is also cash only.

Address: 143A Mott Street

4. Taipan Bakery, Egg Custard Pies

photo: @lindsaypaulen via Instagram
photo: @lindsaypaulen via Instagram

The competition for the best egg custard pie is tight in Chinatown, but Taipan Bakery is easily in the running for the best one. These mini pies are so flaky, have the perfect amount of crust and so filled with the custard that you have to be careful to make sure it all makes it into your mouth.

Address: 194 Canal Street

5. Manna House Bakery, Sponge Cake

photo: Jenny S. via Yelp
photo: Jenny S. via Yelp

This place has a plethora of options including cakes, breads and cookies but the most delicious option is their sponge cake! It’s just the right amount of filling.

Address: 125 Mott Street

6. Fay Da, Sesame Ball

Instagram / @faydabakery

Sesame Balls are one of the iconic chain bakery Fay Da’s most popular pastries. The treat is filled with red bean and is especially popular on the Lunar New Year in late January because of its round shape and golden color symbolizing wealth.

Address: Multiple locations. In Manhattan: 321 6th Ave or 83 Mott St.

7. Dragon Bay, Nian Gao

Instagram / @vablonsky

Nian Gao is a glutinous sweet rice cake that can be translated to “year cake” because it’s often eaten for the New Year. Head out to Brooklyn to try Dragon Bay’s version of the dessert. Plus their selection of breads in enormous!

Address: 5711 8th Ave, Brooklyn

8. Yeh’s Bakery, Boston Cream Pie Sponge Cake

Instagram / @raymartcrave

Yeh’s bakery uses the tradition sponge cake recipe to make the absolute best version of Boston Cream Pie. It has no New Year’s significance, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to Flushing asap to enjoy this delectable treat.

Address: 5725 Main St, Flushing

9. Meet Fresh, Taro Balls

Instagram / @meetfreshusa

Meet Fresh opened in Taiwan in 2007 and now has locations all over the globe. We were lucky enough to get one about two years ago in the East Village. Try taro balls here, which are similar to rice balls or sesame balls in their New Year symbolism as they signify reunions and successful career prospects. Meet Fresh also has bubble tea and loads of other delicious Taiwanese dessert options.

Address: 37 Cooper Square

Featured image: @inquisitive_eating via Instagram

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