The Best Burger In Chicago, Au Cheval Is Finally Opening In NYC Next Week

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The Best Burger In Chicago, Au Cheval Is Finally Opening In NYC Next Week
The title of “Best Burger in New York City” may soon be claimed by a famous Chicago restaurant. The well-known Au Cheval is finally coming to to the big apple.

When it comes to the best burger in NYC, everybody has their own favorite, and why wouldn’t they? Burgers are juicy, cheesy, and (mostly) economical. But what makes the best burger? Is it the filling to bun ratio? Is it the cook on the meat? All of the above? One restaurant in Chicago seems to have it all figured out, and they are bringing their celebrated burger to NYC just a few days!

Chicago’s wildly popular Au Cheval is known to attract crowds and lines where people will wait hours to get their hands on this perfect cheeseburger—undoubtedly it’ll do the same here quickly. Several years ago, Au Cheval made their first NYC appearance as a temporary restaurant at SoHo’s Chefs Club Counter, and in just two days they managed to garner plenty of great reviews (naturally).

Facebook / Au Cheval

Owner Brendan Sodikoff has a practically identical burger on offer at his current NYC restaurant 4 Charles Prime Rib, that Grubstreet reported may even be better than the original! You’ll now be able to make that judgement for yourself.

The restaurant is set to open to the public this coming Tuesday (March 5) at 33 Cortlandt Alley. Along with Au Cheval, Sodikoff is also opening his cafe in the same space, called Sawada Coffee.

Place: Au Cheval

Where: 33 Cortlandt Alley

featured image source: Facebook / Au Cheval

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