Barack and Michelle Obama’s New NYC Home is Cursed …For Real

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Barack and Michelle Obama’s New NYC Home is Cursed …For Real

Barack and Michelle Obama were spotted viewing an apartment at 10 Gracie Square on the Upper East Side last week. It just so happens that place is CURSED! Here are the details.

Last week, Page Six broke the story that the Obamas had been viewing an apartment at 10 Gracie Square, on the Upper East Side at 84th Street and the FDR Drive. The NYPost report that Michelle and Barack are waiting for co-op board approval to buy the 8 to 10 million dollar unit. In the same report, the Post also claims that the building may just be cursed… But we’re New Yorkers… we don’t believe that do we?

10 Gracie Square has had somewhat of a storied history. One of the “unluckiest” buildings in NYC has seen everything from suicides to housing a murderer.

Let’s break down some of the tragedy the building has seen:

The (accidental) Suicide of Carter Vanderbilt

In 1988 Gloria Vanderbilt’s firstborn son, 23-year-old Carter Cooper fell from the fourteenth story window of his mother’s apartment to his death. People still speculate where the incident was suicide, Gloria Vanderbilt believed that Carter had been sleepwalking.

Author, Jean Stein’s Suicide

Weird that one person would jump to their death from 10 Gracie, weirder still that two people would. At 83 years old, in January of this year, ‘West of Eden’ and ‘Edie’ author Jean Stein jumped to her death from her fifteenth-story apartment window.

The woman who successfully plotted to kill her millionaire father.

Franklin Bradshaw was a wealthy industrialist said to be worth upwards of $50 million. His youngest daughter, Frances Schreuder, conspired with her son, Marc, to kill her father. In a plot that sounds like it belongs in a Fargo-esque series, there were several attempts. First, she had her son take a photo and $5000 to a hitman, who disappeared with the cash. Second, Marc tried to poison his grandfather’s breakfast, another fail. Third time lucky, she convinced her son to dress as a burglar and shoot Franklin, this time the pair succeeded.

Franklin Bradshaw’s murder in 1978 went unsolved for 4 years. Frances enjoyed her inheritance and moved to the infamous 10 Gracie Square in 1980, until her arrest in 1982.

Let’s hope the Obamas have done their due diligence, if not, we’ll head over there and wrap them in bubble wrap ourselves… we may need Michelle in 2020.

H/T The NYPost report

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