Where to Avoid Tourists This Summer in NYC

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Where to Avoid Tourists This Summer in NYC

NYC is tourist central all year round, but especially in the summer when kids are out of school and families that want to come have some sort of cultural experience. As a New Yorker, you know you want to be anywhere BUT where they are. Here are a few places to hang out that you will likely never see them:

Lower East Side


Seriously, tourists never willingly go to the Lower East Side, despite the fact that it is riddled with amazing places to eat, drink and explore. If they do end up here, that’s because they are likely lost. You can kindly point them in the direction of midtown and go about enjoying your mid-day brunch.

Offbeat Museums


Don’t go to the MET, don’t go to MOMA, or the Museum of Natural History. Doesn’t matter how much you love the whale room. Head to some of the smaller museums that tourists don’t even think about; The Museum of the American Gangster, The Tenement Museum, and the Museum of Mathematics (it’s a lot more fun than it sounds!) are all great places to learn something new and stay away from fanny packs.

Chill At Fort Tryon Park Instead of Central Park


As big as Central Park is, it’s like you just can’t get away from tourists no matter what little quiet corner you think you’ve found. Fort Tryon is actually a pretty amazing park with some serious history, but most people don’t even know it exists. Head there when you want a great view of the city and a little more peace and quiet.

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