Attention NYC: Your Search History is more Predictable than you Think

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Attention NYC: Your Search History is more Predictable than you Think

We love to think we’re all unique little snowflakes, but when it comes to quite a lot of things New Yorkers are more similar than you might think. For example on the rare occasion when we don’t know something about the city, we turn to google for the answer. In fact, I’d be willing to bet the only difference between our most common google searches greatly depends on the amount of time we’ve lived here. If you can remember back to the questions you had when you first got here compared to now, you might agree. Regardless, here are things we’ve all googled at least once in NYC:



1. Is it or is it not socially acceptable to eat on the subway?

2. What’s the best way to handle getting on the wrong subway while keeping your dignity intact?

3. Is UberPool cheaper than the subway?

4. Do I need to tip a taxi driver?

5. Exactly how screwed is the L train?



6. How to get rid of a roommate?

7. Can I sue my landlord? / Is my landlord actually Satan?

8. What do bed bugs bites look like?

9. Why is my heater so loud?

10. Is it possible/How to get rent-stabilized apartment NYC

11. What’s up with those energy providers knocking on my door?

The City


12. Is it safe to drink New York’s tap water?

13. Can I bring alcohol to a New York City park?

14. Is it actually safe to go to the Bronx Zoo?

15. What sports teams should I root for?

16. How many people in New York

17. How many rats in New York

18. Why are dog owners required to pick up their dog poop but horse owners aren’t required to pick up their horse poop?

19. Are there any Republicans in New York City? (yes, they’re on Staten Island)

20. How exactly do you pronounce Hoyt-Schermerhorn?



21. How much should I tip for Seamless?

22. Restaurants open near me after midnight?

23. Best Pizza in NYC?

24. Best Burger in NYC?

25. Is it safe to eat hotdogs from a street vendor?

26. Symptoms of food poisoning?

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