Would You Attend This Ghostly Brooklyn Seance?

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Would You Attend This Ghostly Brooklyn Seance?
If you’ve ever wondered what a seance would be like, you now have a chance to check one out at The Other Side: A Psychological Séance.

Mentalist Jason Susan has performed in venues such as SoHo House and Carnegie Hall. Now, he’s demonstrating his skills to the masses with a Victorian-era inspired seance.

Face The Other Side
Face The Other Side

When you purchase your ticket you’ll be given the Williamsburg address to the apartment where your journey will unfold. During that time, 13 people will form a circle as Suran takes you to The Other Side.

The Victorian-era seances are known for being more of a performance of mind-reading than a true connection to the spirits beyond. Even still, are you willing to see what this professional mentalist might discover about you?

Suran’s spectacle will take place through October 31st. Learn more about the microtheater event on The Other Side’s website.

Featured image source JasonSuran.com

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