Ease Stress With This Self-Soothing Massage You Can Do From Home

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Ease Stress With This Self-Soothing Massage You Can Do From Home

Soothe aches and pains with this simple but effective massage you can give yourself at home.

We’ve all been spending much more time in our tiny NYC apartments, which means most of us have been doing lots of sitting and scrolling. Especially if you’ve been working from home and don’t have a good desk setup, at the end of the day you’re sore and achy from hunching over your computer for hours on end.

If you think you really need a good massage but spas aren’t open, you can still get one right in your home! And no, it doesn’t involve breaking social distancing rules. 

Every Monday and Saturday, Licensed Massage Therapist Chris Minehan will guide you through this 50-minute specialized massage and stretch sequence that you can practice on yourself from home. It will target all of the problem areas that arise from our current lack of mobility and muscle stagnation as well as increased computer time, including: lower back tension, neck stiffness, sciatic pain and even carpal tunnel pain. 

This self-soothing massage and stretching class will help you think more openly about your body and listen to its cues. Ultimately, you’ll be reminded to take a little time each day to ease pain and tension, which will then increase productivity and also encourage some much-needed relaxation. 

Start showing your body some extra self-love here!

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