This Artist Takes a Crafty Cut out of NYC

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

This Artist Takes a Crafty Cut out of NYC
Put simply, artist Kalen Hollomon is brilliant. He turns the mundane world of NYC into his own interesting narrative that’s engaging, entertaining, and even romantic.

Kalen Hollomon’s Realtime Collages combine magazine cutouts with the scenery around us, creating a new storyline of what’s happening through superimposed photographs.The cutouts featured in these images fit perfectly with their surroundings, whether it be the streets of NYC, the subways, or any other public areas. 

This form of collaging is truly a unique skill and we’re so glad there’s a creative artist out there sharing this content—which has grown significantly in popularity and people discover his work.  His Instagram following of 104-thousand followers is a clear indicator of how many people love his work.

Of his work Hollomon says“Above all, I try to capture a sense of romance in images that are spontaneous and slightly unnerving.” We think he’s nailed it.

Here are some images from his collection of Realtime Collages. 

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You can see all of the amazing work he’s created over the years on his website, Kalen Hollomon

Featured image source: KalenHollomon.com