This Is The Last Weekend For NJ’s Mind-Blowing ‘Army Of The Dead’ VR Experience

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This Is The Last Weekend For NJ’s Mind-Blowing ‘Army Of The Dead’ VR Experience

The truly heart-pounding “Army of the Dead” VR experience only has a few days left at New Jersey’s Westfield Garden State Plaza!

A shopping destination in Paramus, NJ has been transformed into a cinematic playground with this Army of the Dead – Viva Las Vengeance: A VR Experience — only 35 minutes outside NYC. We got to try it for ourselves, and trust us, you don’t want to miss this, even if you have to take a quick trip out of the city to experience it! It ends this Sunday, Oct. 31 (Halloween of course), so make sure you get your tickets asap.

You’ll be able to step into a cutting-edge, adrenaline-fueled world where the Westfield Garden State Plaza becomes a dystopian quarantine zone, riddled with flesh-eating zombies. Your mission: Battle the dead. Save the living.

This is virtual reality like you haven’t experienced before — we couldn’t believe the hyper-realistic technology that made it feel like we were actually in the throes of a zombie battle in Vegas. Read on for a walkthrough…

First, Zack Snyder’s zombie-heist hit “Army of The Dead” was one of the most anticipated releases of the year and Netflix partnered with Pure Imagination Studios and Fever to bring it all to “life” in an explosive way. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s 30 minutes of action that will not disappoint.

And, this exclusive prequel experience will give you an inside look into what happened right before Vegas was sealed off to the world to contain the (un)deadly threats.

The rip-roaring, immersive adventure will be unleashing zombies across 17 cities in the U.S. this fall, with the first base camp in L.A. and the second now open in NJ. It’s even open in London as well & will be making its way to cities across Europe soon! A crew, known as “Las Vengeance” is recruiting New Yorkers & New Jerseyans to join the operation and rescue fellow civilians from the Shambler-infested Sin City.

At the check-in, you’ll select your avatar and physical (simulated) weapon, suit up, grab your hand trackers before a fearless mercenary Cruz (played by Ana de la Reguera in the film) briefs you on the plan of attack. Then, you’ll hop aboard a replica of the iconic taco truck and be taken on a thrilling ride that blurs the line between apocalyptic film and location-based VR.

Once your state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets are on, your suburban setting will become a dystopian Las Vegas wasteland. Using state-of-the-art motion platforms and advanced audiovisual effects, every growl will sound like it’s right behind you and every gunshot will reverberate through you.

With full-body capture capabilities, you’ll be completely immersed in a 360-degree environment that will move around you as you defend your team against attacks coming from all sides of the truck as it rocks and rolls through Las Vegas. We particularly enjoyed seeing our coworkers come to life as their avatars all around us, moving exactly how they were moving in real life!

When (and if) you make it back in one piece, you’ll be rewarded with tacos “to kill for” and refreshments to sip on while you bring your heart rate back to a normal pace. Don’t sleep on the homemade salsa!

Plus there’s plenty of photo ops and merch available to immortalize the mission’s success.

Overall, we’d highly recommend this escape into a pulse-racing zombie takeover: you’ll be able to completely leave everyday life behind and simply have a blast battling the undead. You can even see your shooting accuracy on a scoreboard at the end, so you’ll know who’s really most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Check out this pulse-racing experience while you still can & book your tickets for a ride through Sin City here!

Army of the Dead - Viva Las Vengeance: A VR Experience

September & October 2021
Starting at $19 per person
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