Certain Areas Of Brooklyn & Queens Will Shut Down Again Due To COVID-19 Clusters, Cuomo Announces

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Certain Areas Of Brooklyn & Queens Will Shut Down Again Due To COVID-19 Clusters, Cuomo Announces

NYC has been seeing increased COVID-19 positivity rates in certain Brooklyn & Queens neighborhoods over the past few weeks, and now they will be forced to revert back to original shutdown measures.

On Sunday evening, Mayor de Blasio proposed a plan that would close non-essential businesses and schools once again to help contain the spread in specific zip codes, but it needed to be approved by the state. Governor Cuomo agreed to close schools yesterday, but said they needed more information on the exact areas in order to enact other shutdowns. Well, less than one day later they appear to have that information as the Governor just announced that certain neighborhoods would have to close yet again.

Instead of establishing the areas by zip codes as de Blasio did, Cuomo organized the locations by “cluster” and then categorized them based on the severity of the spread. They areas were determined by the highest number of cases, he explained at today’s press conference.

For areas in red (including South Brooklyn), houses of worship would be limited to 25 percent capacity or a 10-person max, mass gatherings would be prohibited in any sense, and only essential businesses would be allowed open. Yes, this means restaurants and bars would have to forgo outdoor dining (and even 25% indoor dining) and switch back to takeout only.

“Orange” and “yellow” area stipulations are explained below:

Though he didn’t detail the exact neighborhoods yet, one example from the press conference appeared to include Midwood, Flatbush, and others:

He said the new rules could go into effect as soon as Wednesday, and no later than Friday.

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