As the Arctic Chill Comes in, Free Scarves Pop Up by the East River

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In true holiday spirit, knitted scarves were left in bags along the East River Promenade for anyone who is in need.

With the arctic chill coming in, and shelters releasing a Code Blue Emergency notice to all, these scarves will undoubtably be needed (if they haven’t already all been snagged). Thanks to the kindness of the United Nations International School a few people by the East River Promenade will hopefully be kept warm.

The scarves are wrapped in plastic bags to stay clean and remain useful to anyone who goes to pick one up. We just hope whoever is grabbing these scarves isn’t staying too close to the water this week!

Photo by Bill Buchen, EV Grieve

We’ve seen this act of kindness throughout the city before, with hats and scarves being left around parks baring signs claiming they’re “not lost”and for “people in need.” This time there’s a string of scarves weaved through the promenade fence.

Photo by Bill Buchen, EV Grieve
Photo by Bill Buchen, EV Grieve

Featured image source: PxHere