Applebee’s $1 Margaritas: A Bad Joke for Manhattan Residents

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Applebee’s $1 Margaritas: A Bad Joke for Manhattan Residents
For the entire month of October Applebee’s rolled out their Dollarita promotion that no money-saving city dweller could possibly pass up: $1 margaritas.

However, for NYC residents this might as well be an awful joke. In some Applebee’s locations across the boroughs you’ll find the deal, but NOT in Manhattan. Sorry folks.

If you step into an Applebee’s location on the island—be it the one in Times Square, or the world’s largest on West 50th—you’ll be disappointed to find out those $1 margaritas will actually run you about $13 or $14. (Depending on which location you dine at).

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For that price you can go to just about any bar in the city—or better yet, one with a happy hour where you can grab two! Very sad news for those living in Manhattan that love margaritas, and would equally love to take part in this promotion. 

Locations across the boroughs have varying prices when it comes to the deal. Of the ones which aren’t participating in the Dollarita promotion, some are offering the cocktail at discounted prices from $4 to $8. 

These price points seem more reasonable than $14.

Especially after seeing how the bartenders create the Applebee’s house margaritas! A popular Instagram account, @bitchywaiter, released this video of how Applebee’s Dollaritas are made by the restaurant’s bartenders.

Hopefully the places making these cocktails at $13 and $14 a pop are making the drinks stronger, and not watering them down this way. Yikes! 

Applebee’s chose October for their Dollarita offer as part of their Neighborhood Appreciation Month.

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