Apple’s NYC Glass Cube Flagship Is Set To Re-Open This Year

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

Apple’s NYC Glass Cube Flagship Is Set To Re-Open This Year
The landmark NYC attraction closed in 2017. It is set to re-open sometime this year.

Get ready to pull out your Facetime snooping iPhone for that Insta snap of the new “cube.” After two years in a temporary location, Apple will be moving back to their subterranean location on 5th Avenue. Although little information is available about the exact date, we do know it will be happening sometime in 2019.

According to 9to5 Mac, the store was originally set to open in 2018 but due to construction delays, the opening date was pushed back. Now in January of 2019, Apple has still not released any official statement about the opening. The leasing agent, Boston Properties explained further about the current renal situation in a statement saying,

“We expect them [Apple] to vacate that premises sometime [in the] first quarter, early second quarter of next year and move into the new premises. But because the project has taken a little bit longer, we had revisions in the lease… as the redevelopment of the existing store took longer.”

We’re hoping that all goes according to plan from here on out and that the new Apple Plaza will be open by end of 2019.

Featured image: Marc Cluet via Flickr

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