This App is Designed to Help New Yorkers Quit Smoking

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This App is Designed to Help New Yorkers Quit Smoking
New York City’s Health Department is trying to get New Yorkers to quit smoking, and have now created an “NYC Help Me Quit” app to further these efforts.

The idea behind this app will be to assist people in reaching their goals by tracking their cravings and reasons for quitting, as a community. The app features several sections: “I’m Craving Now,” “Why I Quit,” “My Quit Buddies,” and “Distract Me.”

When you go to “I’m Craving Now” you’ll be told to do breathing exercises until the urge passes, or call a friend to help talk you through the moment. “Distract Me” is intended to do exactly what it says, distract. The app attempts to do this by providing games to take your mind off your urges to smoke. As for the other two sections, those are where you can chat with other friends who are in the process of quitting and share stories as to why you’re deciding to now quit.

You can earn rewards and badges as you reach your goals. Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett says in a statement, “The app helps smokers stay motivated to quit and reminds New Yorkers of the important health and financial milestones along the way.”

The app is currently available for New Yorkers to download. 

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