The 7 Most Annoying People You’ll See on the Sidewalks of NYC

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The 7 Most Annoying People You’ll See on the Sidewalks of NYC

Walking in NYC is a literal nightmare. In a city of 9 million plus people, the odds are against you that you’ll run into some of the worst people on the sidewalks. Here are the 7 most annoying (but trust us, there’s more than that):

The slow walker:


We can’t ignore the slow walker. You know, the one taking a stroll no matter what time it is, even if it’s rush hour and you’re about to be late for work. They have not a care in the world, mostly because they are living in their own world in their heads.

The 4 across:


You know the ones; they cannot walk down a street without walking side by side. It’s impossible, because then how on earth would they have a conversation? No, you’ll either get stuck behind them or have to plow right through them.

The sudden stopper:


So you’re looking at your phone for directions and decide stopping right smack in the middle of the sidewalk when people are right behind you is a good idea? Oh, cool.

The panhandler:


Don’t you dare take one of their CDs they are giving out for “free”, or they will hound you for money. And don’t even stop to look at those MAC products at that table, they are all fake anyway.

The non-profit volunteer:

[flickr | Elizabeth M]
[flickr | Elizabeth M]
Do not make eye contact. Keep your head down, your music blasting, and if they do get you, say you have somewhere to be and keep moving. Or else they are going to talk to you about saving orcas and signing petitions and you’ll be
lost forever.

The Tailgater:


You know the people who walk right up behind you but just won’t pass you? Instead, they stay creepily close to you at all times as if they are trying to read your text messages over your shoulder. Weirdos.

The one walking on the left:


Stay to the right. Just like driving! If you walk on the left, you are rude and will be crashing into all oncoming traffic. You only get a pass if you are trying to get around the slow walker or 4-across.

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