An NYC Scented Candle Was Hilariously Savaged On Twitter

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An NYC Scented Candle Was Hilariously Savaged On Twitter

A French fragrance company, Diptyque Paris, recently announced that they will be selling a candle that captures the smell of New York City. Twitter was merciless.

Wet dog, baking garbage, and sun-dried vomit… Not the kind of scent you welcome into your home, but the kind of nostril assault that most New Yorkers tackle on a daily basis. So when the French fragrance company Diptyque Paris announced a candle that would “capture the scent” of New York, people had something to say about it.


The general reactions to the candle were…

Then came the ideas for what the breakdown of odors could be, ranging from the more conceptual…

…to the tangible.

There seemed to be no end of ideas, most of them negative…

…but let’s be clear, it’s not about the city.

Some enterprising NYers even had visual aids.

Out of towners eager to sample that real NYC smell wondered what they would get…

…and how to recreate the smell of some of NYC’s most defining features.

For sure your house guests will be impressed with the smell of the greatest city on Earth, right?

…Maybe not.

We love you, NYC. You’re awesome, but it’s true:

To sum it all up:

Featured image source: [Twitter | @diptyqueparis]

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