UPDATE: An East Village Institution, Moishe’s Bake Shop Will Reopen

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UPDATE: An East Village Institution, Moishe’s Bake Shop Will Reopen
Attention to all who were worried: the kosher bakery known for its delicious rugelach, hamantashen, babka and challah is not closing their 40-year-old East Village outpost.

Rumors were recently floating around in regards to Moishe’s kosher bake shop closing, but it was seemingly confirmed this week by Gothamist that the shop will not be closing permanently. According to the initial report by EV Grieve, the first ones to break the sad news of the “closing” shop were storefront photographers James and Karla Murray. 


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However, the report also included several updates at the time showing that even though the storefront appeared completely shuttered, there was a sign in one of the windows claiming it’s closed for renovations. That said, employees were telling other publications that the shop was indeed closing yet Moishe’s Bake Shop was still completing orders for their customers (and still are) from their other bakery in Brooklyn.

Now, Gothamist has finally gotten the truth from Moishe Perl himself, saying:

“Reached over the phone Wednesday morning, Moishe Perl confirmed to Gothamist that the shop wasn’t permanently closed. They’re still baking (albeit in Brooklyn) while renovating the Second Avenue location. He wouldn’t say how long the renovations were going on for, but he did say that phone orders could be fulfilled for now. “Whatever you want, you just call me one day before,” he says.”

The closing speculations came after the shop emptied out and covered their windows with no word. Adding to the fuel was the 21-year-lease that was signed by Jay Schwimmer for the entire building with an option for the tenant to purchase the premises toward the end of 2018. While the bake shop seemed shuttered, rumors were also swirling that Perl’s son would possibly be opening a coffee shop in its place; although nothing had (nor has) been confirmed. 

While we don’t know how long the shop will be closed for renovations, you can still physically visit their second bakery located at 504 Grand Street #1 in the meantime.

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