You Can Now Find An Amazon Go Store In Brookfield Place


You Can Now Find An Amazon Go Store In Brookfield Place
Get ready to experience the most hassle-free grocery trip of your life!

Back in October we posted about plans to reportedly open up an Amazon Go store in downtown Manhattan, but since the recent drama surrounding their decision to bail on setting up their corporate headquarters in the city, its been unclear as to whether the company planned to continue business in NYC at all. It looks like the reports have finally been confirmed following  the rather unpublicised appearance of the first Amazon Go store on Tuesday morning. Naturally, New Yorkers scurried in swarms to check the spot out and buy a few goodies like sandwiches and snacks.

For those that aren’t up to speed, Amazon Go’s whole premise and slogan is “No Lines, No Checkout” which they implement through an app that bills customers upon leaving the store based on items that cameras have seen them pick up. It seems to be a pretty time efficient strategy as seen from the results of their locations in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.

Inside you’ll find a selection of drinks, Amazon’s own packaged breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack options (you’ll find New York faves like Magnolia cupcakes), easy Amazon Meal Kits and the standard grocery staples such as milk, bread, etc.

P.S. this specific branch accepts cash!

featured image: supermarketnews.com

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