All NYC Schools Will Close Starting Tomorrow Through At Least April 20

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All NYC Schools Will Close Starting Tomorrow Through At Least April 20

Mayor Bill De Blasio announced in a press conference this afternoon, March 15 that all NYC classes will be suspended beginning Monday, March 16 to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

They will be switching to remote learning starting Monday, March 23 (which educators will have a training on this Tuesday-Thursday), until after spring break. The first time they will attempt to reopen will be Monday, April 20.

“I’m very very concerned that we see a rapid spread of this disease and it is time to take more dramatic measures,” he explained. “And the issue that has been on everyone’s mind is about the public schools…I know right now there are so many parents who do not necessarily have any other place for their children and so many who depend on meals. And I know there are so many public servants we depend on…first responders, healthcare workers and transit workers who need their kids to be in school. For everyone who has wondered why this has such a difficult decision, it’s because I know the full cost of shutting our schools, I know all of the negative ramifications of this decision. It’s very painful and it’s going to be very difficult for a lot of families…but we’re dealing with a challenge we have not yet seen in out lifetime.”

You can watch the full press conference online here.

Here is what the schedule will be, according to the NYC Department of Ed website:

  • Monday, March 16: Citywide closure. Students, teachers, and principals do not report.
  • Tuesday, March 17: Thursday, March 19: All staff reports. Teachers and principals participate in professional development on remote learning.
  • Thursday, March 19-Friday, March 20: Students who need it will be able to begin process of picking up the technology necessary for remote learning. More guidance to families will be sent this week.
  • Monday, March 23: Remote learning launches, with additional guidance provided throughout the week of the 23.

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