Alexander Wang Breaks Away from Conventional NYFW Calendar

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Alexander Wang Breaks Away from Conventional NYFW Calendar
Alexander Wang announced today that the fashion line will no longer display their collections at the New York Fashion Week shows—which take place in February and September.

Instead, Wang is moving his shows to pre-collection time: June and December. According to The New York Times, this “is a kind of insider fashion season that no one else (especially not consumers) actually understands.” This change will also combine the main collections with the precollection

The idea behind the time change is not only to break away from the traditional fashion calendar, but to shrink the time between runway reveal to release from six months to four.

In a press release, CEO Lisa Gersh stated:

“The innovative approach reframes product on the month that it ships, rather than the outdated labels of ‘Resort’ or ‘Pre-Fall,’ giving our customers more relevant and consistent merchandise throughout the year.”

Featured image source: By Georg Petschnigg from Seattle, USA (Alexander Wang FW10) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons