Affordable Steakhouse, Tad’s Steaks, In Times Square Has Closed After 63 Years

The only place you could find a steak for $9, and the last of its kind, is now closed.

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Affordable Steakhouse, Tad’s Steaks, In Times Square Has Closed After 63 Years

After a 63 year run, the affordable NYC steakhouse, Tad’s Steaks, has officially closed its doors and turned off its iconic red “Tad’s Broiled Steaks” sign.

In early October it was announced that the cafeteria-style steakhouse would close in the new year, and the day has come. As of Sunday, October 5, you can no longer find your cheap meat fix in NYC. Tad’s Steaks was the last of its kind, and the only place still left in the city where people could find a piece of steak for only $9.

In its prime, Tad’s Steaks had eight locations throughout NYC, and 28 across the U.S. It was the place to go for a decent and affordable slab of meat, and when it first opened steaks were sold for only $1.09! An insane idea to consider nowadays where even $9 is already outrageously low for a cut of meat. Sure, the quality matched the cost, but that wasn’t the only reason why people still frequented this establishment. With it’s bright red neon lights, old-timey signage, red wallpaper, and fake Tiffany lamps, it was a piece of old New York.

For longtime fans and regulars of this beloved NYC staple, this closure is a big deal. But while the famously cheap broiled steaks may be gone from New York’s 761 Seventh Avenue outpost, fans will still be able to find Tad’s Steaks at their two locations still open in San Francisco.

featured image source: Yelp / Pinky And The B.

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