The Spring Edition of The Affordable Art Fair Is Almost Here


The Spring Edition of The Affordable Art Fair Is Almost Here
Spring is finally here, which means the cherry blossoms are blooming, Macy’s Iconic Flower Show just started and the Affordable Art Fair is back for its March edition.

If you’ve never heard of this fair before, it’s an annual exhibition taking place twice a year (March & September) that’s dedicated to workshops, activities (for the kids) and a showcasing of various types of art, from original paintings, sculptures, prints and more.

We all know that buying art is a decadent, expensive, luxury that not everyone can afford, which is why the main effort of this fair is to expose art lovers of different tastes and budgets to projects that are much more realistically priced.  Back at the usual stomping ground of the Metropolitan Pavilion, the four day event will expose you to contemporary projects from over 70 local and international galleries, ranging between prices of $100 to $10,000.

Whether you’re in the market for some art or you just want a cultural day out, head to the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea and surround yourself in an array of educational talks, performances, artwork and coffee (it’s fun for the whole family).

Browse the exhibitors here.

Spring 2019 program & tickets here.

Date: March 28th – 31st

Address: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street

featured image: instagram.com/affordableartfairnyc