An Adult-Only Harry Potter Festival is Coming to Irving Plaza

Rob Grams Rob Grams

An Adult-Only Harry Potter Festival is Coming to Irving Plaza
A 21 and over Harry Potter festival from the creators of “PotterCon” is set to take over the city next week. …but why is it adult-only? We have all the details here.

If you’re one of those kids that stayed up all night waiting for an owl on your 11th birthday, then you’re likely at the right age and mind-frame to fall in love with Wizzard U, a festival dedicated to late-blooming witches, wizards, and lovers of all things Harry Potter.

Wizard U will be taking over Irving Plaza for a day of adults-only wizarding on February 3. Why is it an adult-only affair? Well, because attendees will be throwing back buttery brews and other enchanting cocktails, of course …after all, the kids can enjoy the ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’ Exhibition and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” we older wizards and witches need to have a little fun too!

Wizard U is already a big thing in Texas and Pennsylvania where it has been previously held, this is the events first outing in the greatest city on earth. From when the doors open at 1 pm, you’ll go through some basic orientation, then meet your professors before the semester really begins… find out what house you REALLY belong to as your bravery, wit, and ambition and are truly put to the test.

Does the idea of throwing back a few delicious drinks while you play some of your favorite magical games? Then Wizzard U. is the festival you’re looking for, you’ll have to be quick though, tickets are flying faster than the “Snitch” in Quidditch.

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