Act Your Age! Games for Grown-Ups

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Act Your Age! Games for Grown-Ups


Why can’t New Yorkers just act their age? Go to work, go home, eat dinner and go to sleep like normal boring people.

Nah, we’re not about that life. Who really wants to grow up? Here are some awesome games for adults:

Scavenger Hunts by Pogo Events

scavenger hunt

Pogo Events is holding the Dumbo Scavenger Hunt and the X-Rated Scavenger Hunt in the upcoming weeks. These competitions blend a scavenger hunt with an obstacle course, working out your mind and your body. You can assemble your own team and sign up together on Fever, or sign up individually to be placed with a team.

Bryant Park Game Socials

[John Gillespie]
[John Gillespie]
Bryant Park hosts weekly game socials, where you can meet like-minded game players. This upcoming week is dedicated to Settlers of Catan, an award-winning strategy game where players gather resources and build cities, and Apples to Apples, everyone’s favorite party game.

Glow Pong

glow pong

Imagine everyone’s favorite college party game, but in the dark with glow gear. At Glow Pong, you can drink, eat, hang out, and show off your A-game. College students can purchase their tables for 50 percent off with school IDs.

Arrested Development Bingo

Videology combines your favorite childhood game with your favorite TV show, and hosts bingo every Wednesday for Arrested Development fans. With a little luck, you can win free drinks!

Bubble Battle NYC

Adults and kids are welcome at this one! It’s a one-time event, happening tomorrow at 6pm in Union Square. The theme is “Party Boat,” so dress like you’re going to a yacht party or beach party, and bring plenty of bubble blowing supplies!

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