Acrobatics and Burlesque are on the Menu at the Highline Ballroom

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Acrobatics and Burlesque are on the Menu at the Highline Ballroom
The Highline Ballroom has partnered with the people behind the smash hit off-broadway show Fuerza Bruta to introduce NYC to the darkly spectacular “Le Femme Noir.”

Leave it to the Highline Ballroom to reinvent the Saturday night party. Step into the forbidden darkness of Le Femme Noir. Highline Ballroom has teamed up with the producers of Fuerza Bruta to create an interactive nightclub experience that you won’t forget.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Fuerza Buerta has been running in New York for almost 10 years and is a 360-degree interactive experience that has been enjoyed by 500,000 people. Now they’ve cooked up a show especially for the Highline Ballroom that aims to create the biggest Saturday night party in NYC history.

This mix of acrobatics and burlesque is aimed at those in the mood for racy entertainment and the Ballroom is the perfect venue for the occasion, boasting state-of-the-art sound and light system, a luxury balcony, seated wings and of course, a dance floor where all sorts of rambunctious debauchery will go down.
Get your tickets for Le Femme Noir HERE

Shakespeare famously said: When the lights are dim, then the party is beyond lit. Are you gonna miss Le Femme Noir?

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