According to AAA Today is the WORST Day to Leave NYC

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According to AAA Today is the WORST Day to Leave NYC
Record numbers of people will be traveling during the holiday period, here are the best and worst times leave the city. SPOILERS, according to AAA today will be the absolute worst, so good luck.

Going home for the holidays? If you are, you’re not alone, a record high number of people will be hitting the road, skies, and tracks through the holiday season. According to AAA, around 107 million travelers will be fighting for space to get home for Christmas, the highest number on the association’s record.

Partnering with the transportation analytics company INRIX, AAA has predicted the days in which travel will be delayed (in some case by up to three times longer) due to high volumes of people.

Bad news if you are traveling today (Wednesday, December 20) between 3:30 and 5:30 pm. According to AAA’s data, this will be the absolute worst time to leave the City. Maybe it’s time we changed our plans?

Air travelers will find this Friday and Saturday (December 22 and December 23) are the worst days to travel. According to data compiled by the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 34% of flights will be delayed by an average of one hour.

Thankfully, according to data gathered by Elite Fixtures, New York City is home to one of the best airports (it’ll surprise you) …and sadly one of the worst.

Surprisingly, LaGuardia Airport ranks eighth on the list of the country’s best airports with just 23 percent of flights being delayed by an averaging 65 minutes, and only 2% of flights being canceled.

Sadly, Newark Liberty Airport hits No. 7 on the “10 worst airports” list. 34% of flights are expected to be delayed an average of 63 minutes, and 2.4% of flights are expected to be canceled.

However and whenever you decide to travel, we wish you a safe journey with as few delays as possible. Best of luck SecretNYCers!

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