5 NYC Acai Bowl Spots For A Colorful, Healthy Breakfast


5 NYC Acai Bowl Spots For A Colorful, Healthy Breakfast
The acai bowl trend is still going strong and a favorite breakfast (and occasional lunch/dinner?) choice among many. If you’re one of the fans of this sweet treat, have a look below at NYC’s most popular acai bowl spots…

1. Loco Coco


Loco Coco is a quaint and cozy space, with a decor and ambience that’s self-described as “trop-modern” aka its intention is to surround you with the ultimate vacay, beach vibes. The wide array of ingredients (mainly exotic fruits) come from Brazil, The Caribbean and Australia and are used in smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices. Other than being 100% vegan, they’re also committed to sustainability, which is why they’ve partnered with a Taiwanese farm that supplies them with biodegradable coconut bowls and spoons. Shop some of their products, including caps, t-shirts, coco bowls and more.

2. Playa Bowls


Who would’ve thought that what started as a make-shift pop up stand on the Jersey Shore, would blow up to be a massive franchise with 65 stores nationwide in just five years? Playa Bowls’ story is probably one of the most inspiring, the humble beginnings of founders Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor started with tirelessly perfecting their own acai bowl recipes and educating customers on the berry’s unique benefits. After word spread on the Jersey Shore and hype level grew, Rob & Abby took their business to the next level. Their bowl menu includes seven bases: acai, pitaya, coconut, green, chia, banana and oatmeal, learn more about them here. They’re plant-based and passionate about sustainability, which is why their stores are built with 50% refurbished materials. They’ve also partnered with local refuse companies to help with unique recycling solutions.

3. Dimes

This spot isn’t solely an acai bar, but we had to include it because it’s just that good. Ask anyone who’s tried Dimes before and you’ll hear all about their delicious and healthy selection of food. Other than their website having one of the most visually pleasing designs, their brand has it all: a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, a deli (where you’ll find the acai bowl), catering services and their own market at 143 Division Street selling premium products from local NYC vendors. Whether you want an acai bowl or not, Dimes is a SecretNYC must!

4. Two Hands


Inspired by Australia’s cafe scene and overall laid back surfer vibe, Two Hands is community-focused with simple food and amazing coffee. Just like Loco Coco, expect to be transported into an oasis that’ll almost make you forget about the hectic NYC as you eat your meal. Again, this place isn’t just dedicated to acai, you’ll find other breakfast/brunch options like avo toast, sandwiches and more.

5. Liquiteria


One of the first pressed juiceries in NYC, Liquiteria has stuck to its roots back from its opening in 1996 and perfected a wide variety of drink options; pressed juices, plant-based milk drinks and more. Other than an acai base, they have a selection of oat-based bowls that are a cozy alternative for the winter months when you want something to keep you toasty.

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