The Absolute Coolest Gaming Center You’ll Visit in NYC

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

The Absolute Coolest Gaming Center You’ll Visit in NYC
Some of you may have worn virtual reality glasses at some point, but probably just for a few moments. Well, it seems that VR/AR are the way of the world these days, and we can’t say we’re complaining.

Plenty of people are fascinated with the possibilities VR opens, and the many uses it has to impact our lives. But the hands down coolest thing to come out of it are the gaming centers and events popping up where anyone can enjoy their own VR experience.


One of the coolest virtual reality centers is here in NYC! VR World shares over 50 experiences across three floors and space that’s 15,000 square feet. That’s a heck of a lot of room for super cool activities. It’s “the largest virtual realty experience center” in the Western Hemisphere.

The experiences vary from games like racing and fighting, to flying or watching short films, and each one has a guide that will help you with the equipment. It’s practically a VR amusement park.

You can visit any day of the week for $39 plus taxes.

Featured image source [Facebook/VR World]


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