Explore NYC’s Abandoned City Hall Subway Station

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The City Hall subway station was the first ever line of the New York City Subway, opened in 1904, it was intended to be the pièce de résistance of the entire transit system.

Built during the City Beautiful Movement; a reform introduced in 1890 to enhance American cities with gorgeous architecture, its design is grouped in with Central Park and Carnegie Hall – landmarks of NYC that came about from the interest of the wealthy. As you take a look inside, you’ll be absolutely mesmerised by the beautiful architecture, with similarities of a cathedral design peeking through. From vaulted ceilings, to brass chandeliers, there’s no station that’s quite as aesthetically pleasing as this one. It’s located just beneath the Municipal Building, in what used to be the epicenter of the city at that time.

You might be wondering why a perfectly good subway station isn’t in use anymore? As the years have passed and the trains have gotten bigger, the platform itself simply can’t accomodate the larger trains and the distance of the gap became unsafe for passengers entering and exiting.

Want to have your own look at the birthplace of the NYC subway system? There’s now a two hour tour that takes you from the decommissioned City Hall Station to the partially abandoned Chambers Street station, through a 6 train time machine. Make sure you bring your metro card because you’ll need to swipe twice! Who’s ready for some good ol’ explorin??

Address: 43 Park Row, Manhattan

Time: Entry from 2pm-4pm

Have a peak inside with the video below…

featured image: Flickr / joebehr

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