A New Target Store Is Coming To Times Square

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

A New Target Store Is Coming To Times Square

Target recently announced they will be launching a brand new, 33,000-square-foot store in Times Square that will open by 2022.

It will be a “small format” Target store, which are popular choices for NYC. In fact, this is their 10th store (open or planned) of that type in the city. Basically, they are stores that are much smaller than normal Targets (which are usually about 40,000-square-feet), and because of that, are curated and tailored to fit the neighborhood they are in.

For example, there will still be a “Household Essentials” section in the smaller store, but paper towels will be sold in smaller packs in cities so they’re easier to carry for people who are mostly walking or using the subway.

“Nationwide, Target is reaching new guests by opening small-format stores in urban areas, dense suburban neighborhoods and near college campuses. These stores offer an easy and convenient shopping experience in communities where a traditional-sized Target might not fit,” the announcement read.

This past summer, they opened their 100th small-format store.

Target has signed a lease for the Times Square store space with Tishman Real Estate Services, near the Regal Times Square Cinemas, and it is said to open by 2022.

Featured Image: A rendering of the future store from Target.

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