A New Report Shows That People Are Leaving Brooklyn at an Alarming Rate

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A New Report Shows That People Are Leaving Brooklyn at an Alarming Rate

Brooklyn isn’t everyone’s idea of heaven, but given the rise in commercial property, no end of leisure and cultural activities, and, well, the overall cool factor of the Brooklyn brand, why are people leaving borough so quickly?

A new report by the “Empire Center for Public Policy” has published some rather surprising findings about the world’s hipster capital. Almost 170,000 people have moved away from Brooklyn in the last 6 years. Why people have fled Kings County isn’t such a big mystery, the gentrification of the area inflating rent prices has left it almost impossible for many people to live there. Many have flown the coup in favor of the suburbs and other, cheaper, parts of the city.

But will you be living in a ghost town? Well, no. Although many have fled the borough, Brooklyn’s population IS still growing. In fact, it is has been the fastest growing county in the state over last seven years, increasing by over 124,000 residents.  That’s quite a boom considering that over that number of people have left over the same time period. One major factor in its growth is the slow shift towards being one of the most family friendly areas of the city. Thanks to the cities millennials now having children, and an ever increasing population of foreign immigrants adding to the boroughs melting pot, we are in no danger of seeing Brooklyn empty anytime soon.

So as old-school Brooklynites flee the borough in search of greener pastures they are steadily replaced by a new crop of people calling the borough home. Brooklyn is evolving, how it is evolving, and where it will lead, only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the borough is bound to stay desirable for many years to come.

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