A Coyote Has Been Spotted Roaming Around Central Park Recently

And according to the NYPD, sightings are being reported weekly!

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A Coyote Has Been Spotted Roaming Around Central Park Recently

They’re back!

Last year we reported on a coyote sighting near Belvedere Castle in Central Park, and while it was apparently somewhat normal for that time of year, the NYPD says there have been more sightings as of late. In a Twitter thread about these sightings, the NYPD said that reports are coming in weekly! 

“We’ve had weekly sightings of coyotes in Central Park, different locations including Belvedere Castle”

That being said, the NYPD is urging people to take appropriate measures if they come across a coyote, and to be particularly careful when walking their dogs.

And as we mentioned in our coverage of last year’s sighting: 

The NYC Parks website urges people to not panic if they see a coyote, emphasizing that most coyotes are not dangerous to people. However, you should certainly report any sightings through Wildlife NYC here, and any physical contact with one should be called into 911.

If you’re nervous about crossing paths with one of these canines during your next trip to the park, here are their five tips for coexisting with coyotes:

  1. Do Not Feed Coyotes. Keeping coyotes wild is the key to coexistence. Their life and your safety depend upon coyotes remaining naturally wary of people.
  2. Remove Attractants. Store food, pet food, and garbage in animal proof containers. Do not leave food or garbage behind in a park.
  3. Supervise Pets. Walk dogs on a leash and keep cats inside for safety.
  4. Keep Coyotes Wary. If you are approached, act big and make loud noises until the coyote retreats.
  5. Appreciate Coyotes. From a distance. Stay at least 150 feet (45 meters) or more from the animal.


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