A Britney Spears Musical Is Coming To Broadway

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A Britney Spears Musical Is Coming To Broadway
A new musical is making it’s way to the Broadway stage with a score featuring Britney Spears popular hits. 

The musical, Once Upon a One More Time, follows the story of fairytale princesses gathering together for a book club when “a rogue fairy godmother drops The Feminine Mystique into their corseted laps, spurring a royal revelation.” As the New York Times mentions in a recent report, the princesses are reading through the Grimm’s fairy tales when the godmother slips this classic into the mix. You’ll follow Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and other princesses through their feminist awakening and what “happily ever after” means to the soundtrack of pop icon, Britney Spears. 

Once Upon a One More Time is the stage adaptation of the screenplay The Upside by writer Jon Hartmere. In a statement to the NYTimes he said,Cinderella is having an existential crisis, and she has a posse of famous princesses, and her stepmother is the main antagonist, and there’s also Prince Charming and a dwarf we’ve never met — the eighth dwarf — and a narrator who is unhappy his system is being dismantled before his eyes.” 

The jukebox musical will debut in Chicago at the James L. Nederlander theater this October before heading over to Broadway. Considering the show will run until December 1, 2019, we’re going to assume Once Upon a One More Time will be expected in NYC by Spring 2020…but we’ll keep you posted on the specifics as they’re released! 

featured image source: photo modified: flickr / Jennifer / CC by 2.0

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