A 93-Year-Old Woman Asked For More Beer, And Coors Delivered

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

A 93-Year-Old Woman Asked For More Beer, And Coors Delivered

One grandma’s simple request earned her 150 cans of beer.

93-year-old Olive Veronesi, from Pittsburgh, was simply doing the right thing by staying home, but she was running low on her essential supplies. So, as any responsible citizen would, she practiced social distancing and called on her neighbors for support. The response was simply heartwarming.

While holding up a can of Coors Light, Veronesi put up a sign in her window that read, “I need more beer!”

In true community spirit, neighbors, journalists and brands all pulled together to help her out. Darren Rovell, the Sports Business Reporter and Senior Executive Producer for Action Network HQ, posted the picture on Twitter on April 12, encouraging Coors to step in. And they did, in a big way.

After being picked up by a local news channel, KDKA, and gaining more than 50,000 shares on a Facebook post, the story went viral.

Coors representatives swiftly responded by dropping off 10 cases of beer on her porch—along with some merch—so she could maintain her healthy habit of a beer every night.

According to KDKA-TV, she immediately cracked open a can of her favorite beer to enjoy. Of course, she updated her sign too.

Olive Veronesi is now an international beer hero, with fellow beer enthusiasts singing her praises in the comments section of every shared post. Cheers to Olive!

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