The 90’s are Back at This Vintage East Village Shop

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The 90’s are Back at This Vintage East Village Shop
The East Village is home to plenty of vintage shops, but this new one stands out. Spark Pretty is an online shop that opened a store on 9th Street this fall, and it’s fabulous! The 90’s-themed shop is everything we loved about the decade—colorful, bold, and full of troll dolls.

The shop features everything from the mentioned troll dolls

to painted denim jackets

and smiley-face backpacks. 

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🙂We're Open 12-8pm🙃 333 E9th Street • NYC

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The store’s owners are friends Amanda Dolan and Meagan Colby who began the throwback site. According to Gothamist, Dolan told them that Spark Pretty had “about five years of steady online sales” which led them to “[start] doing Pop Up Shops in theme with our favorite era, the era in which we were teenagers: the ’90s!”

The success of the pop-ups ultimately led to the store’s opening, and we’re so glad it did!

I mean, look at that television and shelf of movies!!

Of the vintage items they sell at the store, Dolan also shared that some include:

“[H]and-painted and sequin-encrusted jean jackets by infamous designer Tony Alamo, Lisa Frank jackets, bags and accessories, purses with working clocks, Club Kid holographic two piece outfits, a huge selection of novelty and band t-shirts, pins and patches, slinky dresses, outrageous jumpsuits, a funky collection of vintage toys like Trolls, Alf stuffed animals, and Spice Girls Dolls.”

Featured image source (and Facebook image source)  [Instagram / Spark Pretty]

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