9 Stages Of Dealing With The NYC Commute Expressed Through Cute Animal Gifs

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

Tired puppy

Hump Day. The weekend is a small dot on the horizon in both directions and this morning we do not feel like doing public transport, rude commuters or generally leaving the vicinity of our beds. It’s not easy to put into words so we turn to the animal kingdom, who can say with gifs what Secret NYC can’t express half as eloquently in words.


Stage 1: React to alarm clocks and natural sunlight like it’s your Kryptonite
Panda waking up
Stage 2: If you absolutely have to wake up (you do) it’ll probably be like this
Puppy falls out of bed
Stage 3: Try to hide from the NYC commute. Realise it’s futile
Dog hiding himself
Stage 4: Get comfy on the NY subway any way you can
Puppy sleeps on step
Stage 5: Style out your sleepiness like a boss in front of judgmental NYC commuters
Kitten styles out fall
Stage 6: Steal 40 winks before the train doors open
Hamster falls off wheel
Stage 7: Make it to your desk and continue to create the illusion of alertness
Duck falls asleep at desk
Stage 8: Until you just don’t care any more
Sloth yawns
Stage 9: Get home and crash
Cat passes out

Featured cover image: Pinterest/Playbuzz

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