8 Hidden Restaurants In NYC With Secret Entrances

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8 Hidden Restaurants In NYC With Secret Entrances

Hidden restaurants riddle New York City, you just need to know where to look.

There’s so much happening in New York at any given time that it’s impossible to know everything, especially when some of these things are purposely hidden! Much like the hidden bars and speakeasies around NYC, there are also a number of hidden restaurants to try.

That said, we’ve gone ahead and put together a few spots that run the spectrum from hyper-exclusive (and/or expensive) to the more affordable walk-ins. Check out 8 of New York’s hidden restaurants with secret entrances here:


Play Earth / Bohemian NY

Where: 57 Great Jones Street

Not only is this place hidden, but it’s incredibly difficult to get a reservation (if this wasn’t in alphabetical order it probably wouldn’t be at the top of our list exactly). That said, if you do somehow snag a reservation here it’s a unique and intimate dining experience tucked away behind a Noho butcher shop. Guests interested in dining there either need to be referred (which is the only way you’ll get the restaurant’s phone number), or you can submit a request through their website and hope someone gets back to you! Very exclusive process, but certainly a hidden dining experience as well.


Blanca NYC

Where: 261 Moore Street (Brooklyn)

This reservation-only restaurant is located in a secret space behind the well-known Roberta’s! When you arrive for the intimate dining experience you’ll be guided to the hidden restaurant by the maître d’.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

Yelp / David H.

Where: 431 West 37th Street

This private dining experience is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but if you’re willing to treat yourself to a particularly nice night out this is where to go. Hidden inside the Brooklyn Fare grocery store in Hell’s Kitchen, Chef’s Table has a 20-seat counter that looks onto the kitchen.


Frevo NYC

Where: 48 West 8th Street

This little French restaurant is hidden behind an unassuming painting in a Greenwich Village art gallery. One of the large art pieces on the white wall at 48 W 8th Street opens to reveal a dim-lit restaurant which seats 24 diners.

Kuma Inn

Yelp / Grant B.

Where: 113 Ludlow Street

Through a (somewhat) unmarked door on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side, you’ll have to walk up a flight of stairs to find this hidden Filipino-Thai restaurant.

La Esquina Del Camarón Mexicano

Yelp / Julianne M.

Where: 80-02 Roosevelt Ave (Jackson Heights)

In the back of a Jackson Heights bodega lives this hidden gem, La Esquina Del Camarón Mexicano. The star of the show here is their ceviche! It may surprise you to see it served in a plastic cup, but it’s delicious and the perfect way to eat quality food on the go.


Yelp / Albert F.

Where: 211 East 43rd Street

Hidden away under an office building, Sakagura in Midtown is a Japanese restaurant that’s been around since 1996.

Tokyo Record Bar

Yelp / Dawn Q.

Where: 127 MacDougal Street

Below Air’s Champagne Parlor in Greenwich Village is the cozy and floral restaurant, Tokyo Record Bar. You have to make a reservation to this small restaurant, but everyone inside dines together with each course brought out to everyone at the same time. While you eat your food will be paired with a custom vinyl playlist that the guests will choose upon arrival. It’s a fun. time and their sake list is great.

Main image source: Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

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