The 8 Best Places to See the Iconic NYC Skyline

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The 8 Best Places to See the Iconic NYC Skyline

The views of NYC are pretty amazing if you just know where to look. If you spend all of your time inside Manhattan, you’ll never get the epic skyline view that everyone raves about. Get yourself off the island for a bit and check out these 8 places to get the most awesome views.


1. A Hudson River boat cruise: You don’t have to go too far to get that beautiful view; boat cruises run as cheap as $20 a person and can take you up and down the Hudson for a couple of hours.


2. Governor’s Island – Just a quick ferry ride away, Governor’s Island has some beautiful views of midtown Manhattan, plus often has some great events you can plan to check out as well.


3. Brooklyn Bridge – Head over Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a neat view of downtown Manhattan, including the Freedom Tower.


4. LIC – Queens has one amazing view of midtown, just across the 59th street bridge. Hang out at the tip of Long Island City and you’ll get an awesome view. Heck, even the view driving over the 59th st of both boroughs is nice!


5. Top of the Rock – If you must stay in the city, Top of the Rock is one of the best views you’ll have. It’s 360 balcony and multiple levels lets you see Manhattan from all angles, from Central Park to the Empire State Building.


6. Fort Tryon Park – Located along Hudson Heights and Inwood at the northern part of Manhattan, Fort Tryon Park has the scenic Cloisters you’ll have a beautiful elevated view of the rest of Manhattan.


7. Brooklyn Heights Promenade – Want another great view of downtown? Brooklyn Heights Promenade has picturesque views, and is a great little area to relax in general.


8. Staten Island Ferry – Want a free boat ride with a great view? The Staten Island Ferry is always free to ride, and you can just as easily turn around and take it back for an extended view.

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